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Business Coaching in Berlin

Feeling that your work is meaningful and makes sense, engaging yourself, and realizing your potentional without overloading yourself; finding your way towards appreciation, support, and development; getting along well with others, creating something together and working in a constructive and solution-oriented manner—that’s what many people dream of.

Possible Topics for Business coaching:

  • Professional reorientation, finding your calling
  • Creating or increasing job satisfaction
  • Solving conflicts within your team, with your superiors or colleagues
  • Becoming aware of your own strengths and making the most of them
  • Confidently receiving feedback or negotiating your salary
  • Further education, further development, advancing your career
  • Support during onboarding process
  • Improving organisation/ time management skills
  • Deciding to be independent and finding ways to attain this state
  • Achieving a true work-life balance

Professional Fulfillment Through Coaching

Read about my 3-level coaching package here, so that I can support you in your search for professional fulfillment.

How I Work as a Business Coach

I support individuals and teams to achieve their professional goals, as well as managers and companies who want to create a work atmosphere that enables successful work that makes the most of their employees’ potentials.

Here, I make use of the experiences I have gathered in the previous stages of my professional career—both in large companies as well as in smaller, “start up”-like companies—both at home and abroad. In my roles I experienced different perspectives as both a team member, as well as a member of the team leadership, and I know the challenges that different forms of organization bring with them.

Problems and conflicts are never detached from the environment in which someone is and the system in which one lives and works. In my coaching, I always try to include this perspective, because processes of change can only be anchored sustainably when we take this into account. A better understanding can be created by role analysis and swapping perspectives and, at the same time, this approach helps you to strengthen your own position and to advocate for your own needs clearly (responsible self-management).

I would love to support you in achieving these goals.