Business Coaching Schmidtke berufliche Neuorientierung Erfüllung

Find Professional Fulfillment Through Coaching

Your plan laid out, the next steps made concrete, 
and your goal clearly in mind. Let’s go!

Knowing your potential and your personal strengths and knowing exactly which work you would like to do and how, and having clarity about your potential are the most important conditions for a successful professional re-orientation.

I offer a 3-level coaching package in which we work out the building blocks for a professional re-orientation and get you fit to implement your plan concretely.

1st Session: Your Profile

The first session is about your abilities and your potential, as well as the resources, which you can use to further enhance your business profile or specialize. This is essential for further work, because many people do not have a very exact picture of which strengths they possess and don’t allow their light to shine out.

In addition, we look at which profession activities fit you and which talents you can make use of for them.

2nd Session: Your Goal

The second session is about your vision.

  • Which professional activities do you see as fulfilling?
  • What is it all about?
  • What are your expectations of success?
  • Which experiences would you like to have? What would you like to bring about?
  • What does one day, one week, one year look like in the professional life you would like to lead?

Here, tools for visualization are very important because they contribute enormously to our ability to sharpen our vision and make it sustainably realizable.

3rd Session: Your Strategy

The third and last session is about implementation.

  • What might your next steps be?
  • Which information must be procured? Do you have helpful contacts?
  • Which resources and abilities are present and which must be acquired?
  • Which barriers must be cleared from the way? What do you still need to consider?

Building from these questions, we develop a plan for the next weeks and months. In addition to this, you will receive valuable input about how you can manage to stick to your intentions.

After these three sessions, you will have a clear picture of:

  • Your abilities and strengths
  • The necessary parameters of the activity you are looking for
  • The concrete steps and intermediate objectives on the way to implementing your goals.

This list of points will help you to create a sharpened profile, for example on professional networks such as LinkedIn and Xing, and to purposefully look for potential jobs. By increasing your consciousness about your own strengths and goals, you will appear especially clear, motivated, and authentic during job interviews.

Feedback from my clients

“Claudia Schmidtke is a well-educated, experienced and supporting professional coach which I can highly recommend. During a very interesting time in my professional carreer, I had the wonderful experience to work with Claudia as a coach. …


She helped me a lot to understand all angles and aspects and she made me see a clear road in the chaotic world I was in at that time. I needed some structure and she helped me to achive this. Even more, she motivated me to embrace the chaos and enjoy it. I still have the roadmap and structure we developed together in my mind and am able to use it as a guideline for my career. I want to highlight two aspects of her work:
1. Support to change perspective and understand additional aspects of situations and challenges
2. Right questions at the right details to enhance clarity

… and in the end it kind of feels like a natural conversation in a positive and enlighting mood.”